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Sacramento District Attorney Jan Scully

Attorney General Jerry Brown

DCA Director Brian Stiger

BBS Director Kim Madsen

BOP Director Robert Kahane

Allegation : Loving Children "Enslaved" by corrupt fraud, millionaire Janelle Burrill working in Sacramento & Placer County Superior Courts.

Non-scientific, junk science theories like Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) are the new mantra adhered to by the corrupt family courts in Sacramento & Placer.


1. 09-00739-BS filed Jan 30 2009 Open for 492 days

2. 09-00958-BS filed Feb 19 2009 Open for 472 days

3. 09-00973-BS filed May 28 2009 Open for 374 days

4. 09-01426-BS filed Nov 02 2009 Open for 216 days

5. 09-01427-BS filed Nov 02 2009 Open for 216 days

6. 1F-2010-205943 filed Apr 06 2010 Open for 61 days

7. 1F-2010-206255 filed Apr 19 2010 Open for 48 days

8. 1F-2010-205955 filed May18 2010 Open for 19 days

9. ........ many more...

It is much more convenient to ignore the truth and violate the civil rights of the vulnerable and defenseless rather than be inconvenienced by due diligence, burden of proof, and truth. It is a court of buzzwords, pseudo-science, and psycho-babble which leads to discrimination, bias, prejudice against the innocent, and a lifetime of emotional and physical scars and misery for children.

In the field of Psychology, the theory of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) was invented by Richard Gardner who was mentally unstable, and committed suicide in 2003. Gardner provided no scientific data to support his theories about PAS, and most of his articles on the subject never appeared in peer-reviewed medical journals which require analysis by fellow professionals before publication. Instead, he published his own books, audio tapes, and videotapes, and charged $500 per hour to testify in court.

To date, PAS is not recognized in the Diagnostic and Classification Manual published by the American Psychological Association, which is used by psychiatrists to diagnose children, adolescents, and adults. There is a financial incentive to labeling a custody dispute as a PAS case. Families are referred to an endless cascade of psychological therapists, each requiring a large financial retainer for services, and each building their case from their former (undisclosed) colleague.

Allegation : Janelle Burrill BBS LCS 16216 is the Sacramento (PAS) proponent, perpetuates criminal fraud and Modern Day Slavery using Parental Alienation SCAM, enslavement of children for $$$$$$ in California. Janelle Burrill is no Doctor, no psychologist & not lincesed to practice psychology by the California Board of Psychology.

Evidence : Enslaved children and their parent testimony to law enforcement, Depositions, Court transcripts & Audio recordings of Janelle Burrills child abuse & criminal misconduct. Documents of financial extortion and fraud.

This new slave trade in California is stripping loving parents, who have never been proven to be anything but loving, most basic and fundamental right of parenting their children.

without subjective tests

without a diagnosis listed in the DSM IV

without consideration for the child safety

without consideration for the child's preference

without a CPS follow-up for the child's well-being

without cause

without evidence

without a fair hearing

without a proper trial

and without due process of justice

The ONLY legal sanctioning of our government’s involvement in such activities was during the "slave trade" when families were broken, and the vulnerable were bartered and sold to the highest bidder.

Corrupt Criminals like Janelle Burrill and their good-ol-network are todays "modern slave traders" trading "children" with vindictive retribution and for money. This abhorrent trade of children, is a calumny and a disgrace!

California Attorney General, Sacramento & Placer District Attorney's - Its time to cooperate,  investigate to bring criminals like Janelle Burrill to justice and free the enslaved children. Please protect California families and children from corrupt social workers.

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