Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby-killer FATHER receives sentence with a grin

Baby-killer receives sentence with a grin

By Genevieve Serra

The man who shot the baby he denied fathering, has received two life sentences.

Colin Percy Stoffels, 26, was also slapped with 15 years for the attempted murder of seven-month-old baby Cassidy's grandmother Molly Sebo, 55, and 15 years for the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

He received the second life term for the murder of Cassidy's uncle Selwyn Sebo.

As Judge Siraj Desai prepared to read his sentencing in the Cape High Court on Friday, Stoffels stood smiling wearing the same hoodie he wore the night of the murder.

Only a few of Cassidy's relatives were present as the slain child's mom, brother and grandmother are still believed to be in witness protection.

Co-accused Christopher Stuurman, 29, got a 14-year sentence for the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition after being acquitted of the murder and attempted murder charges.

At the time of Cassidy's murder, he was out on parole for a Belhar murder in 1998 when he was only 17.

Desai said he found it hard to even utter Cassidy's name and age.

"You [Stoffels] went to your ex-girlfriend?s house with a semi-automatic with the purpose to kill," he said.

"You killed her brother in cold blood, shooting him in the head. The mother of the house you shot in the face.

"And then afterward - I can't even say this - you shot a seven-month-old baby in the chest because you denied being the father of Cassidy.

"It may have been that Cassidy was not your own child, but to shoot a seven-month-old?".

Desai, however, said Stoffels was a candidate for rehabilitation.

"You are a first offender, 26 now and 24 years old when the incident happened, unmarried and paid child support to Cameron [Cassidy's older brother]. There is consideration for rehabilitation and you may receive parole," said Desai. - Daily Voice

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