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The quackery of psychology a killing industry

Children Need. . . THIS? Research on custody evaluation practices and therapeutic jurisprudence in the family courts..

For articles on family law issues, and the "myths and facts" research citation pages on fatherhood, motherhood, domestic violence, post-divorce relocation, child custody, attachment, and child development research, and related issues, see LIZNOTES or The Liz Library SITE INDEX.

therapeutic jurisprudence and forensic psychology researchPlease note that the inclusion of any individual on the below list does not necessarily indicate the existence of any licensing or other violation, but only that we obtained or have been made aware of information of interest relevant to the subject matter of child custody evaluations or other issues bearing upon mental health practitioners and the functioning of the family court system.

Similarly, no positive inference should be drawn from the omission of any individual from these pages; we have information on hundreds more that will be added. These webpages are being continually up-dated, but the work is time-consuming.

To check the licensing status of any mental health professional and see whether complaints or disciplinary actions have been filed, see the applicable state licensing boards, linked below. More listings of psychology licensing boards are at Ken Pope's website.

If you have custody evaluations (for the custody evaluation study), or other information pertinent to custody evaluators, forensic psychological witnesses, parenting coordinators, psychologist mediators, supervised visitation centers, guardians ad litem, or court-appointed therapists that you wish to share with us, or if you dispute or wish to supplement any information whatsoever on these pages, please email Sarah at . We are committed to accuracy and not only welcome but want your input.

Alabama Licensing

Alaska Licensing

Arkansas Licensing

Arizona Licensing Information

California Licensing Information

William Hamilton Ayres (N) * Sidney Brown, Ph.D.* Stephen Doyne, Ph.D.(more) (more) (more) * Michael Dufficy * Judith B. Henderson, Ph.D.*Michael Jones, Ph.D. * Larry Leatham, Ph.D. * Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. * Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. * Andrew McGarity, Ph.D.* Randy Rand, Ed.D. *Donald K. Smith, Ph.D (more). * Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D. * John Spencer Stone, Ph.D. * Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D. * Richard J. Swank, Ph.D. *

(N) not a psychologist

CANADA Licensing

Donald Dutton, Ph.D. (more) (more) (and yet more) *

Colorado Licensing Know Your Courts

William G. Austin, Ph.D. * Marlene Bizub (N) * Mark Hoffman (N) * Robert McIntyre, Ph.D. * Elizabeth A. Paterson, Ph.D. *

(N) not a psychologist

Connecticut Licensing Information Supplement

Diane Rotnem, Ph.D. (N) * Daniel R. Snyder, Ph.D.

(N) not a psychologist

Delaware Licensing

District of Columbia Licensing

Florida Licensing

Michael Alan Baer, Ph.D. * Soren James Barret, Ph.D. * Dalia Saffa Biller, Ph.D. * Holly Bodner, Psy.D. * J. Michael Bone (N) (more) (more) * Sheri Bourg-Carter, Ph.D. * Barry Brody, Ph.D. * Glen Ross Caddy, Ph.D. * Debra Kaye Carter, Ph.D. * Michael F. Cohen, Ph.D. * Deborah Day, Ph.D. *Robert A. Evans, Ph.D. * Emanuel John Falcone, M.D. (N) * Jan Faust, Ph.D.* Bruce D. Foreman, Ph.D. * Alexander Gimon, Ph.D. * Darby L. Godwin, Ph.D. * Paul John Hartmann, M.D. (N) * Philip Heller, Ph.D. (more) * Michael Hershorn, Ph.D. * Richard B. Hey, Ph.D. (N) * Michael Anthony Holder (N) *Paul M. Inkeles, Ph.D. * Martha Jacobson, Ph.D. * Harry D. Krop, Ph.D. * Kathryn Kuehnle, Ph.D. * Maritza Lima, Ph.D. * Marcia B. Leder, Ph.D. *David A. Martindale, Ph.D. * Douglas Joseph Mason, Ph.D. * Robert Pensa, Ph.D. * Johann N. Pruett, Ph.D. * Sohail Punjwani, M.D. (N) * Thomas Saunders, Ph.D. (N) * Scott Roseman, Ph.D. * S. Richard Sauber, Ph.D. *Peter D. Schulman, Ph.D. * Martin David Segel, Ph.D. * Linda Sherby, Ph.D.* Leonard J. Skizynski, Psy.D. * Sohail Punjwani, M.D. (N) * Barbara F. Steinberg, Ph.D. * Henry Tenenbaum, Ph.D. * Michael Walczak, Ph.D. *Bambi L. Wadleton, Ph.D. * Evan J. Zimmer, M.D. (N)

(N) not a psychologist

Michael Anthony Holder Michael Holder Dynamic Parenting Course therapist charged with domestic violence including strangulation of his stepson

Georgia Licensing

Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D. (N)

(N) not a psychologist

Hawaii Licensing

Sherri Fisher, M.A. (N)

(N) not a psychologist

Idaho Licensing

Nicole R. Hill (N) *

(N) not a psychologist

Illinois Licensing Verification Lake County

Roger Hatcher, Ph.D. *

Indiana Licensing Verification Information

Jerome A. Cerny, Ph.D. * Susan Dwyer, Ph.D. (more) * Michael R. Sheehan, Ph.D. * Susan E. Spencer, Ph.D.*

Iowa Licensing Verification

Howard Weinberg, Ph.D.

Kansas Licensing

Timothy P. Gatschet, M.D. (N) *

(N) not a psychologist

Kentucky Licensing

Michael G. Borack, Psy.D. *

Louisiana Licensing

Maine Licensing

Maryland Licensing

Robert J. Snow, Ph.D. * Sandra B. Snow, Ph.D. * The Rachel Foundation (N)

(N) not a psychologist

Massachusetts Licensing

Joseph J. Plaud, Ph.D.

Michigan Licensing Information

Charles M. Cutler, Ph.D. * Beth M. Erickson, Ph.D

Minnesota Licensing

Mississippi Licensing

Missouri Licensing

Montana Licensing

Nebraska Licensing

Nevada Licensing

New Hampshire Licensing JointCustodyFoo

Lawrence M. Kelly, Ed.D. *

New Jersey Licensing

David A. Martindale, Ph.D. *

New Mexico Licensing

New York Licensing

Raj A. Danthuluri, M.D. (N) * Jennifer Flynn-Campbell, Ph.D. * Michael Miran, Ph.D. *

(N) not a psychologist

North Carolina Licensing

Jonathan W. Gould, Ph.D. * Johnny E. Clevinger (L) *

(L) school psych, not a licensed psychologist (apparently)

North Dakota Licensing

Joseph Belanger *

Ohio Licensing

Douglas Darnall, Ph.D. * Michael G. Borack, Psy.D. *

Oklahoma Licensing

Oregon Licensing

Zvi Strassberg, Ph.D. *

Pennsylvania Licensing

Dan Egli, Ph.D. * Jerry Lazaroff, Ph.D. * Timothy E. Ring, Ed.D.

Rhode Island Licensing Information Supplement Supplement2

Lori Meyerson, Ph.D. *

South Carolina Licensing

South Dakota Licensing

Tennessee Licensing

Texas Licensing

Jack Ferrel, Ph.D. * Pamela Stuart-Mills Hoch (N) * Robert Hoch (N) * Gail Inman (N) * William Robert Olmsted, M.D. (N) * Mark Otis, Ph.D. * The Rachel Foundation (N) * Richard A. Warshak, Ph.D. * John A. Zervopoulos, Ph.D. *

(N) not a psychologist

Utah Licensing

Vermont Licensing Other

Virginia Licensing Information

Barbara F. Steinberg, Ph.D. *

Washington Licensing

Stuart A. Greenberg, Ph.D. *

West Virginia Licensing

Wisconsin Licensing

Ze'ev Bar-av, Ph.D.

Wyoming Licensing

Attention psychs: it's simple. Plan on releasing every bit of material related to the friggin' tests -- or don't use them for "expert witness" work. Arguments made by custody evaluators for not turning over test records and data, and why those arguments are wrong.

Everyone else -- judges, lawyers, litigants: watch this space for more info on how to deal with psych testing in court, as well as information about the specific tests. Coming soon, an educational critique of the MMPI, including a question by question analysis with suggested answers, to illustrate why none of this precious nonsense ever should be used by parenting evaluators. It's time to throw a little sunlight and free speech on the alchemy and pseudo-science. It's time to forbid psychs from administering any of these tests in connection with child custody proceedings.

Arguments made by custody evaluators for not turning over test records and data, and why those arguments are wrong

therapeutic jurisprudence - custody evaluators - guardians ad litem

There is no science involved in child custody evaluations or therapeutic jurisprudence

download articles

Emery, Otto & Donohue: Child Custody Law - Limited Science and a Flawed System

Dore: Friendly Parent Concept, A Flawed Factor

Ducote: Guardians ad Litem in Custody Litigation

Bruch: Sound Research or Wishful Thinking?

Kelly & Ramsey: Child Custody Evaluations: the need for systems level outcome assessments (2009)

Dineen: Psychologists and Custody Evaluation Reports - Illusions of Expertise, Ethics and Objectivity

Dawes: House of Cards - Psychology & Psychotherapy Built on Myth

Parenting Coordination
Parenting Coordinator Issues

Emily Buss on children's associational rights

Claudia Rowe on parenting evaluator ethics

Child Custody Consulting in a Consorting Camarilla

Information on these webpages is from ongoing research being conducted by the National Network on Family Law Policy, and by numerous scholars, professionals, and others around the United States who are investigating the workings of our justice system. For more information, contact Sarah "at"

Kates: Reevaluating the Evaluators - Rethinking the Assumptions

Custody Evaluator Quotes

Child custody evaluator repeats the same language and findings in multiple custody evaluation reports

Norm Pattis on therapeutic jurisprudence


Bruch: Getting it Wrong in Child Custody Cases

Nat'l Council Juv & Fam Ct Judges: It's Not PAS

Wood: PAS - Dangerous Aura of Reliability

Poliacoff: What's this doing in a court of law?

Bad Science: 2004 Inter-rater Reliability Study

"But I've Seen It!!"  (Yes, and you've seen the sun "rise" too)

AZCADV: Battered Mothers Testimony Project Report

Richard Warshak - Catherine Collins

Center for Judicial Excellence - video

The Drugging of America's Youth

Child Protective Services Out of Control

Federal incentives to remove children to facilitate fast-track adoptions. It's not the money per se; it's the unintended consequences of "therapeutic jurisprudence". Once do-gooder ideas and helper agencies and bureaucracies are put into place, they self-perpetuate for their own preservation, budgets and growth.

See videos:

therapeutic jurisprudence - elder abuse or slavery - stealing money via guardianships

Joseph Goldberg and the network of PAS cross-referral relationships

PAS debunked in Australia; psych Wrigley disciplined for incompetent behavior

Courageous Kids NetworkWomen's Justice Center - California

MORE - The cross-referral networks of the PAS purveyors

Richard Austin, Ph.D. * R. Christopher Barden, Ph.D. * Stephen Ceci, Ph.D. * Douglas Darnall, Ph.D. * Stephen Herman, M.D. * Jayne Major, Ph.D. * Daniel Rybicki, Ph.D. * S. Richard Sauber, Ph.D. (listed twice) * W. vonBoch-Galhau, Ph.D. * Richard A Warshak, Ph.D. * J. Michael Bone * L. F. Lowenstein, Ph.D. * Reena Sommer, Ph.D. * Jerry Brinegar, Ph.D. * Katherine Andre, Ph.D. * Ken Lewis, Ph.D. * Catherine Swanson Cain, Ph.D. * Monty Weinstein, Ph.D. * Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D. * David Britton * Robert Evans, Ph.D. * Debra Gordy * Christina McGhee * Harvey Shapiro (Elizabeth Loftus's "investigator") * Jose Manuel Aguilar Cuenca * Theresa K. Cooke, * Jeff Opperman * Remi Thivierge * Joe Goldberg * James J. Gross, Esq. * Randy Kolin, Ph.D. * Randy Rand * David Carico, Esq. * Lawrence W. Daly * Charles D. Jamieson, Esq.

experts.asp accessed 01/01/08]

December 11, 2008: Appellate court decision in the Dr. Rick Lohstroh case: this is what some of these people call PAS!!

Psychology and psychiatry have no science behind their diagnoses, and no cures.  Clinical experience imparts no more ability than astrological experience or theological experience to make predictions or provide explanations applicable to a case in a court of law.  The proper standard for judicial gatekeeping of expert psychological witnesses to ban these opinions from courts of law.  Opinions based on non-falsifiable beliefs do not constitute scientific, technical, or expert evidence -- no matter how much literature is published, and no matter how widely the beliefs are held.

Richard Warshak, Richard Gardner, Reena Sommer, Amy J. L. Baker, J. Michael Bone, no scientific research supporting parental alienation, parental alienation syndrome,parental alienation therapy.  Compare this position paper of the APA on bad therapies, bogus therapies, and trendy, popular nonsense of other kinds of attachmenttherapies.  Clinical experience imparts no more ability than astrological experience or theological experience to make predictions or provide explanations applicable to a case in a court of law.  The proper standard for judicial gatekeeping of expert psychological witnesses to ban these opinions from courts of law.  Opinions based on non-falsifiable beliefs do not constitute scientific, technical, or expert evidence -- no matter how much literature is published, and no matter how widely the beliefs are held.

Battered Moms Blog

Kauffman on SSRI drugs:  article - prozac - zoloft - paxil - prozac - celexa - zoloft - effexor - luvox - school shootings - death - suicide - serious side effects - don't put your kids on drugs

Joyce Murphy feels vindicated, but it's bittersweet. I blame the entire family court system, she said, because they are not held accountable. Marilyn Marshall, wrote that Mr. Parson was no danger to anyone, especially his daughter. Now that otherchildren have come forward 6 years later, Parson is in jail on charges of child molestation and child pornography

A Warning Sign on the Road to DSM-V: Beware of Its Unintended Consequences - Allen Francis, M.D.

child custody evaluations and therapeutic jurisprudence: Elizabeth Loftus and memory researchShared Parenting Advocates Distort the Facts and the LawADD ADHD RITALIN PSYCHIATRIC RESEARCH FRAUD psychology

How Psychiatry and Modern Psychology Subvert Education, and Harm Children and SocietyPsych Search Net - government records

Psych WatchPsychology is not science -- or good law

Shit for science.  It's not medicine.  See historic advertisements of psychiatric drugs at the Bonkers Institute.Therapeutic Jurisprudence... Not Such a Good Idea:

An RSVP to Professor Wexler's Warm Therapeutic Jurisprudence Invitation to the Criminal Defense Bar: Unable to Join You, Already (Somewhat Similarly) Engaged, by Mae C. Quinn

Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Embracing a Tainted Ideal, by Arthur G. Christean

Punishing Medical Experts for Unethical Testimony: A Step in the Right Direction or a Step too Far? by David B. Resnik, J.D., Ph.D.

    Whores of the Court: The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony and the Rape of American Justice, by Margaret Hagen

    Whores of the Court - download free at Margaret Hagen's website      "Let us be very clear about the true state of the psychologist's art. Psychologists do not know any more about behavior than the average man or woman in the jury box or the judge's robes. Psychologists do not know what causes behavior and they are entirely incapable of pinpointing some hypothetical event in the past that has led to the present state of an individual. They do not know what got done, how it got done, or whodunit. And not only are they unable to predict future behavior any better than the man or woman on the street, they are actually worse at it, blinded as they are by the illusion of their own expertise. Diagnostic categories are not validly established and diagnoses cannot be rendered reliably. Neither can therapy be reliably used to change the behavior of our citizens, juvenile or adult, violent or simply wayward.

            "Psychologists have no special ability to read into the soul-or mind or psyche-of another human with any more accuracy than the rest of us. Upon finishing graduate or medical school they are not given special soulographs or psychometers that let them plumb the depths of anyone's psychological being. There simply is no mental stethoscope, no matter how much our justice system wishes there were.

          "Clinicians are not trained to perform the myriad tasks the legal system asks them to perform because no body of knowledge exists to support such training. It is a sorry state of affairs, but it is the only state we've got."

Gardisil linked to 78 reports of genital wartsFatherless Children History SeriesBrave New World, Aldous Huxley


Propaganda in America - History of Public Relations (online video)

About that "War on Drugs" in the first place...   more...   more...  more...   more...  more...

The Truth About the DSM and Psych Diagnoses Justice's Posterous


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